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Client Testimonials

Read what people are saying about my professional editing services!

H.B. Tyler, author of the Steele series

“I cannot recommend Liz’s editing services enough! She communicated every week on her progress, completed it within the agreed-upon timeframe, and helped me with questions as I was going through her edits. She always kept "my voice" in mind, gave extremely detailed notes on why she was suggesting each edit, and (maybe my favorite part) gave examples to consider. Instead of saying "This has a preposition," she would follow it up with a suggestion of how to change it, which I loved because I'm a writer, not an editor. Some things I would've had to have researched to figure out, or I would have struggled trying to reword things without making the same mistake. Liz ensured I didn’t have to do any of that.

She is very thorough and will send back a TON of edits, but that’s a good thing because she catches so much! She is very kind and compassionate about it, and you can feel her genuine desire to make the work the best it can be. When she gives suggestions, she also tells the writer to do what they think is best for their character/work. She does not try to force anything or change the voice or story. I am planning to make corrections on my previous two books and re-release them. I fully intend to have Liz edit those as well, along with the rest of my future work.” 

Jessica Rosenberg, author of the paranormal women’s fiction series Baking Up a Magical Midlife

“Elizabeth has been a godsend. Her kindly worded and well-explained edit notes left me with a clear understanding of the rationale behind her suggestions, which made it easy to decide whether or not to implement the changes. Not only are her edits relevant, thorough, and thoughtful, but she's a wonderful communicator. At no point during this process was I worried I wouldn't get my manuscript back on time or that I would be unsatisfied with the quality of her work. Not only will my book be a more enjoyable read, but I have no doubt that working with Elizabeth will make me a better writer in the long term. 
I have already booked Elizabeth to edit the next installment of my series, and I fully intend to work with her as long as she'll have me!”

S.C. Muntsy, author of A Fallen Feather

“I want to thank you for editing my first attempt at writing. It was my first edit, and I had no idea what to expect. I dove in and was in awe. I appreciate the time, effort, and detail you put into this story for me. I have more, and I hope to work with you again.”

Stewart Arnott, author of Beginners to the Stage, Please

“I can't sing Liz Merck’s praises enough. Her beta reading and appraisal of my book were not only encouraging but it gave me some very specific pointers for simple ways in which I could immediately improve the quality of my writing. As well as drilling down into the finer details, she had a thorough overview of the piece and clearly understood what I was trying to achieve. She was very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience, not only of the genre I'm writing in but of the publishing business in general. She also offered some very valuable advice about what would make my book even more marketable. Thanks to her detailed help and guidance, I now feel well-equipped to make my book the best it can be and, in time, submit it for publication. I couldn't have been in safer hands.”

Celena Morales, author of brand-new book series yet to be named

"Liz is the editor you want and the editor you need. She will hold your hand as much or as little as you require during the editing and rewriting processes. She takes the time to educate you and offer suggestions, and I always felt like she genuinely cared about my story. You don't have to worry about giving her your babies, because they will come back better, neater, and faster than you can imagine. Editing is daunting, but using Liz makes it much easier and much more enjoyable. I feel like I have come out the other side a better writer. I can't wait to finish my next story and have her expertise
help me with it too!"

Atlas Creed, author of Armitage: Children of Arcanum (Book One)

"I discovered Liz after an extensive search for an editor, and I must say that finding her was a game-changer. Having sampled a multitude of editors, Liz stood out by not only rectifying my numerous mistakes but also by seamlessly preserving my unique voice. Her attention to detail is unparalleled – I mean, she delves into the minutiae, identifying issues as subtle as catching a straight vs. curly apostrophe or quotation. What sets Liz apart is her commitment to transparency; she meticulously explains every change made, fostering a deeper understanding and contributing to the enhancement of my writing skills.

Navigating the editing process can be a vulnerable experience, but Liz approaches it with a gentle touch, making the necessary revisions while ensuring the integrity of the manuscript is maintained. Following her initial edit, I opted for the proofreading service she offers, and once again, Liz exhibited her thoroughness. She uncovered mistakes that had eluded me despite countless read-throughs post-editing.

I wholeheartedly recommend Liz to fellow authors. Her expertise, meticulousness, and considerate approach make her an invaluable asset in the journey to polish and perfect any book."

Jennifer Milder, author of The Epilogue of August

"'You don't know what you don't know.' That is how I would sum up my experience in working with Liz, who edited my first foray into fiction. Simply put, there was a lot in the world of grammar and style I simply didn't know (i.e., use a comma to end this type of quotation and a period to end another), and because I was working with Liz, she caught and corrected all of these mistakes so I didn't have to! And as a bonus, I learned a lot through the process. Liz was thorough, delivered edits when she said she would, and had a lot of great insight. I will definitely use her services for my next book!"

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